Mini Retirement Project

Robin Ooi

Here’s a little background story about Robin & how he got to where he is today:

Robin loves traveling and one of the main reasons he is able to travel as much is because of his passion in his work as well. He has the autonomy to travel and work at the same time and devotes his time to work even as he travels. He has solid timekeeping and always gets the job done even if it means waking up at odd hours to receive international phone calls while he travels. Robin believes in the cause of taking mini retirements while we are still young and able, instead of saving up our entire life to only to enjoy our retirement when we are old and frail. It is with this spirit for adventure that Robin and Debbie set out to create this movement of Mini Retirement Project.

The aim for Mini Retirement Project are simple;

i) To encourage our generation to think and do something outside the box

ii) To encourage empathy and tolerance through traveling

The Mini Retirement Project aside,  in the last couple of years Robin Ooi has been quietly growing his vast expertise as a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant in this SEA region. With a background in business and corporate finance, Robin understands the challenges of not only large corporation, but business professionals and new start-ups as well.

Robin Ooi work closely with his clients to generate top tier organic results in search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. He’s traveled across United States to network, partner and collaborate with the best in the industry.

Not only that, Robin has managed to publish one of Amazon’s best selling ebook called “Your SEO Sucks!” which basically demystified everything you need to know about SEO.

The result? Dollar-for-dollar one of the best SEO services in South East Asia & Australia. Now he’s here to share it with you.

Robin Ooi is completely results focused. He wants to make you money – that’s all he cares about. You won’t see reports from him about backlink submissions, pagerank increases or any other SEO industry buzzwords. All he cares about is your return on investment (ROI). He holds a 100% client satisfaction rate, and are dead serious about upholding it.

If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, feel free to contact Robin Ooi for a private discussion.

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