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Note to self when dealing with naysayers, pessimists, and cynics

I guess it is to be expected that when you stray from the conventional path, you will soon encounter people that will attempt to discourage and bring you down.

It is alright though, as they don’t mean to offend. They just don’t understand you and definitely do not share the same beliefs as you. And because they don’t, they will try to impose upon you their ways instead. After all, if we are not doing things according to their beliefs, then surely we are doing it wrong…

Reality is, there will always be cynics who will refute all your effort and success in life. They are sometimes known as “sideliners” a.k.a those who will stand and wait for you to fall so that they can say “I told you so”.

But do not despair, as there are also those truly wonderful individuals in your life that are genuinely happy and supportive of your endeavours. These are the people that you need to cherish and hold close to your heart as they are likely to be the ones that will support you even when you fall.

And to those wonderful friends that love us, support us and helped us back on our feet when we fall — we thank you for being in our lives and we love you too. ☺

p/s — The general reactions to our trip have been overwhelmingly positive. I can’t believe how genuine and supportive the reactions have been from our family and friends. Thank you so much for your well wishes, we are truly grateful to have crossed paths with you guys in our lives. Whether we have known each other recently or have been lifelong friends- thank you ! ❤ Rob&Deb

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Debbie Lim

Born and bred in Penang, Malaysia, Debbie has spent the last decade in her second home Brisbane, Australia as an engineer. Her professional experiences have taught her how to plan efficiently and manage effectively in the various aspects of her travels. She is an experienced minimalist traveler who believes in keeping it simple yet fun. You will not find a fixed itinerary sheet on her and definitely no alarm clocks or wake up calls when she travels. After spending most of her adulthood in a highly analytical and tightly regulated environment, she currently revels in a a good adventure and spontaneity when least expected.

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