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Viennese Food In A Nutshell

Viennese cuisine is like the culture itself, very classy and traditional. Interestingly, Viennese cuisine is also the only cuisine in the world named after a city. When it comes to savoury, the cuisine usually consists of meat, poultry, root veges, and wheat. With sweets, you can usually find a combination of chocolates, soft cheese, and fruit compotes. We really enjoyed the food we tried in Vienna, particularly their sweets which were just exquisite. I think I mentioned this before, but the Viennese are really the masters of classical cakes...

Our Vienna Winter Experience

Schonbrün Palace

Yes, yes, I know. I’ve been on a hiatus since the last travel post on Prague. A few distractions cropped up along the way when we were in Budapest, i.e. Christmas, New Year, catching a very bad cold, late night outings, work etc. So here I am, attempting to recall our experiences in Vienna so that I can finish this travel post on the city. Vienna was a welcome change after Prague. Aside from the pricier living cost, the city itself has so much more to offer from their spectacular historical sites and gothic influenced buildings to their...