Mini Retirement Project


4 years ago we read a book that changed our directions in life forever. Took us 4 arduous long years to finally achieve what we could only dream of doing then. Together we recently turned a new digit older, high on life, and about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Read on if you want to see our plans unravel.


Debbie Lim

Born and bred in Penang, Malaysia, Debbie has spent the last decade in her second home Brisbane, Australia as an engineer. Her professional experiences have taught her how to plan efficiently and manage effectively in the various aspects of her travels. She is an experienced minimalist traveler who believes in keeping it simple yet fun. You will not find a fixed itinerary sheet on her and definitely no alarm clocks or wake up calls when she travels. After spending most of her adulthood in a highly analytical and tightly regulated environment, she currently revels in a a good adventure and spontaneity when least expected.

Robin first traveled overseas at the ripe age of 24, giving up everything in his hometown Penang, Malaysia for a new life in the foreign city of Brisbane, Australia. Unlike Debbie, even though he comes from an engineering background as well, he has never worked professionally as an engineer before. Instead, Robin decided to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Today, Robin is the Director of his online marketing consultancy and works independently (and remotely) with international clientele. During his travels, Robin gets to explore his creative side as the Head Photographer of the trip.

Our passions

Seeking beautiful unseen scenery, embarking on never-ending adventures in life, pursuing ‘impossible’ dreams, and generally enjoying a good meal everywhere we go

Why are we doing this?

We want to start exploring now, instead of when we have a head full of grey hair. We want to explore, live in different countries, experience different cultures and meet different people from around the world in our own time. We are not ‘running away’ or taking a ‘break’ from life. If anything we are taking a break from routines and status quo. We are moving on with our lives, just in a different scenery and still pursuing our goals but working from a laptop instead of being in a cubicle. As Rolf Potts puts it, “Why should we spend the best part of one’s life earning money in order to enjoy a questionable liberty during the least valuable part of it?”

Why this site?

This site was setup to capture our journey and as a medium to share our stories with our family and friends back home. If you happen to stumble upon this site, Welcome! If you are wanting to know more about a certain place, or have any general questions feel free to drop us a line!

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  • Congratulations Debbie & Robin! Site looks fantastic! It’s so exciting to discover how Tim’s 4HWW has inspired those who not only read the book but also applied it’s concepts. I’m forever grateful that Tim wrote that book. I had always believed the 4HWW principles, concepts and lifestyle and I was so relieved that Tim put it into words better than I could have. I read the book December 2007 and it took me almost 3 years to slow down my business in California and make time for Mini Retirements. I have rented apartments in The Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea and more. It has been mind expanding! Experiments in Lifestyle Design has been an adventure and I can’t wait for you both to share tips, tricks, hack’s and more on this site! 4HWW followers are a niche group and I find myself alone. I’m looking forward to networking with like-minded individuals all over the world. Thank you for launching this site! Lot’s of success in 2015!

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