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3 Months Onwards – Things We Learned From Our Traveling So Far


We’ve been traveling officially for 3 months now, which is officially the longest we’ve been away from home. If you ask me what it’s like on the road, I can honestly tell you it’s been a real adventure in every sense of the word. We’ve had major dramas since the first day we landed in Berlin, we’ve fallen sick a few times, gotten lost many times, tumbled down very steep ski slopes and lost (or stolen is still debatable at this point) valuable possessions along the way. On the same note, we’ve...

Tim Ferriss Made Me Quit My Job

Tim Ferriss Made Me Quit My Job

Why I’m Taking A Mini Retirement It all began 4 years ago when I first stumbled upon the phrase 4 hour work week from a regular blog I was following. Being a a full time employee at the time, I could not fathom how it is even possible to work anything less than 10 hours a day not to mention 4 hours a week and still earn the same if not more. So that definitely piqued my interest, and I began to research more about this ridiculous concept. 4 hour work week is a term coined by Tim Ferriss, author of the NY Times best seller book of the...

Life Lessons On Turning 3-0

This has got to be the first time I’ve typed out those digits. Where has all the time gone? It will definitely take me awhile to get used to that number. In the spirit of turning a new full digit older, I’ll attempt to write down those little bit of wisdom I have learned along the way in the short time I’ve been here. “Before you start a new journey, stop, reflect and learn from your past.” In no particular order.. #1 Learn to let go — This is something I’ve struggled with the most. What i tell myself these days is that life...