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F.A.Q For Long Term Travelers and Mini Retirees

The questions we get asked when we tell them we are going traveling Not surprisingly, when we started telling our friends and family about our plans, we got a lot of surprised looks, awkward silence followed by a stream of questions. The surprising part is usually the type of questions that we get from our family and friends. Robin and I would usually discuss how to break the news and roughly what we want to tell them beforehand. So we sort of anticipated some of the usual questions we may get, plus a few unexpected ones that left us a bit...

Planning The Itinerary

planning the itinerary

For me personally, the most exciting part of a trip has always been planning the itinerary. I’ve planned many trips in the past, as i tend to go on traditional type holidays at least twice a year. This time however, the itinerary style would have to be a little different. First of all, I’m no longer on a ‘Binge Holiday’ — squeezing to do/see as much as possible in a short burst of time. I’m doing a  long term travel aka mini retirement— taking my own sweet time with no fixed itinerary. The initial itinerary is a bare...