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How many of you have used Airbnb?

I think most of us have at least heard of this marvelous site even if you have not used it before. Well i personally started using this site during its infancy stage, 5 or so years ago when searching around for a better accommodation deal in Paris. Things were so different then, especially the pricing 🙁 so much more affordable then. But don’t fret, because even with the costlier pricing these days, it is still the better option for short term accommodation compared to hotels / hostels. So, i’m going to post some tips on how to hunt for a good crib, good host and good deal amidst the crowded space of Airbnb rooms.

Part 1: Finding A Good Crib
Look at the photos, the more the better. Check quality of photos to know how experienced they are in Airbnb, and make sure they have a decent set of photos for the main areas of the house/apt – bedroom, toilet, living room, kitchen etc.

Look out for basic amenities, like washer, ability to freely use their kitchen, wireless internet, hot shower, etc Because what’s the point of staying in Airbnb if you dont have crucial amenities like that. You’ll save plenty by staying with a host that lets you do the laundry and cook simple meals. Make sure you check with your host if your required amenity is not specified because sometimes they will be OK with it, but just not specified on their site. Also, most countries in Europe do not come with air-con, so unless you specifically filter for an air-con room, prepare to adapt to their summer heat.

Find out about who else you will be sharing the place with. This applies if you are getting a shared unit, meaning you are only renting a room in their unit and probably sharing with the host for the rest of the place. Find out from the host exactly who is sharing the place, and what areas will you be sharing. This is important because it will give you a sense of the environment of the place that you will be staying in. Based on the size of the place in the photos and the number of occupants in the house, you could probably get a feel of whether the place suits your style or not.

Hope you picked up some valuable nuggest in this post. Stay tune for part 2, How to Find a Good Host on Airbnb.

*UPDATE: Part 2 and 3 coming up soon. If you have never tried ABnB and would like to, here’s a free $20 credit for your first sign up, either to travel now or in your future. Enjoy! –

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